The Vintage TV Series focuses on the most action packed part of the winemaker's year - harvest. It allows viewers to join the winemakers in the vineyards and on the crush pad as they coax from the earth one of life's true elixirs. By digging down into the culture of winemaking Vintage reveals the people who live and breathe the wine they make.

Vintage: Napa Valley 2012 is the premiere series for the Vintage franchise. It is a six half-hour episode series that will be aired nationally on public television in the US beginning in January 2014.

The series takes viewers behind-the-scenes at three renowned Napa Valley wineries during what turned out to be an epic harvest in this iconic wine region. Winemakers were treated to fruit of exceptional quality and tested by unusually large crop yields and vineyards that insisted on all coming ripe at the same time.

The show is, of course, framed by stunning landscapes and told through the lives of the intriguing cast of characters responsible for making wine in Napa Valley.